Syringe tack labeler

This enables labeling against syringe of glass or polymers (COP).
Conveying method can be chosen among bucket, neck or skirt, etc.

Syringe tack labeler
Syringe Labeler

Various conveying methods can be selected such as neck, bucket (containers are laid down) or skirt conveyance. 

Syringe Assembly Device

Seam rods supplied from the parts feeder and detect the seaming failure with a camera. After that, attach a backstop, check its presence with a sensor, then discharge defective items outside the system.

Syringe Assemble Labeler

After syringes are filled, seam plunger rods with them, mount backstops and label them.

Syringe Exterior Inspection Device

Inspect exterior of syringes before and after labels are attached. We provide the inspection device integrated with a labeler or as a stand-alone device.

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