Shrink labeler

Shrink labeler by KOYO is developed in 1985, and these machines have been delivered to container manufacturers over 30 years as attachment system of stretch film and shrink film labels with high speed rotary mechanism.
Machines with straight mechanism utilizing technologies of rotary mechanism has been delivered to manufacturers over 15 years.

Shrink labeler
Countermeasures against Scratch on Containers

Materials and cut shape of entrance screw, sophisticated over 30 years of experience in the market, prevent scratch on containers.
We also have experience in conveyance of preformed containers.

Replacing Parts

All replacing parts can be positioned with one touch, which enables easy switching between product types.

Film Attaching Specification

Easily switchable with simple attachment for film shrink, intermediate stopping or cap shrink attachment.
Temporary shrink device can deal with film displacement during conveyance after attached.


Automatically detect seam parts of labels and eject them after attachment automatically.
Printing defects (if there is any) or attachment defects are also detected by camera/sensor and eject them automatically.
Fail-safe mechanism is realized by double detection system at ejection unit.



Film cut specification can be chosen
- Horizontal line method - Step cut
(Cutting method for easy peeling of films) etc.
Easily switchable by changing cutter blades.
Perforation Unit
Perforations can be made on the shrink film. We offer multiple specifications for perforations. (Vertical, horizontal, skew or double perforations)
* Please consult us for the capability
Label Table
We normally offer one roll for initial setting and backup table.
Roll feeder models, which have been used in the market, can be selected
Outlet Connection
Shrink tunnel after attached by shrink can be connected by various tunnels such as steam method, hot wind method, hybrid method, etc.
* to be purchased
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