Hopper type labeler

Large amount of labels cut in specified shape can be contained in a label hopper (label magazine).
The labels can then be taken out to be attached to containers.
This model contains all the essence of labeling machines, and determined the direction of development of labeling machines. The model has been produced since 1968 until today.

Hopper type labeler

Hopper type labeler Lineups

Basic model which attaches one label to each rounded container
This model attaches two labels (front and back) to each rounded container
This model conveys labels in S shape and attaches two labels (front and back) to each flattened container
This model can attach labels to both rounded or rectangular containers
This model is developed to attach national certificate stamps and incorporates mechanism to prevent wasting any sheets
This model with rotary mechanism can attach one or multiple labels to each container, even at shoulders of containers
This model comes with a fixed hopper which is convenient for replenishing long labels, and telescopic adsorption head for suction drum

A hopper type labeler by KOYO which enables high precision labeling with easy operation

  • Labeling with High Precision
  • High Reliability
  • Simple Mechanism
  • Versatile
  • Easy Operation

Highly rated especially in food, pharmaceutical and chemistry field.

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