• Automatic Charnel Stage System

Automatic Charnel Stage System

We will provide the comfortable praying space which made best use of the area in the precincts of "Automatic Charnel Stage System" meet the demands of the times.

納骨堂イメージ 納骨堂イメージ
Be Prepared for Earthquake
All the stages have earthquake-resistant device (patented).
This prevents urns to fall from shelves even in case of big earthquakes.
Easy Operation for Praying
All you need before praying is to hold your card to the reception device.
Only administrator can take out the cremains for security.
Utilize Smaller Space
For example, for space of 11 m x 3.0 m = 33 m2, 1200 automatic charnel stages (2400 people) can be contained (36 stages / m2).
In the same space, 48 shelves or locker type charnel stages (1.48 stages / m2) or 33 graves (1 grave / m2) can be placed, which makes automatic charnel stages 10 to 30 times more space efficient (depends on conditions).
Also, multiple cremains can be contained in a single stage, which makes it possible to be utilized as grave for an individual, husband and wife or a family. This realizes larger space for praying with lower budget.
The most space efficient design in the industry enables utilization of smaller space.
Corrosion resistant stainless steel is used in the structure parts with earthquake, rust and moisture resistance design
Anti-corrosion stainless steel is used in stage, shelf and structure part to protect the precious cremains.
Replacement of whole machine is not necessary as the structural part does not corrode, which realizes large reduction of total cost in a long run.
We assume its long-term use by paying attention to even its invisible part, so our charnel stage can serve you for long time.
It can be placed so that it matches your location, land features and other requirements
We will respond flexibly to demands and conditions of the temple, such as placing it in the empty space in the precincts, part of the main hall or underground.
Automatic Charnel Stage System - How to Pray
It can be automatically controlled unmanned, so that it does not take your time.
It also has backup mechanism to save data in emergency situation.
Check this video the detail of how to visit the cemetery.
(Yokohama City Hino Komorebi Charnel Chapel)

Check this video the detail of how to visit the cemetery.
(Chiba Sokeidou)
Our Extensive Experience
We are the pioneers in the industry and have delivered automatic conveying charnel stages to the society for 20 years.
Not only have we delivered them to private temples but also to plenty of other places such as municipalities and branch temple of the Royal Family which demand strict conditions of construction. (Hino Komorebi Charnel Chapel: The first municipality with large scale automatic conveying charnel chapel in Japan)
We respond to various kinds of demands of every customers with a wide range of construction experience from smaller property with 500 compartments to larger property with 7000 compartments.
Yokohama City Hino Komorebi Charnel Chapel Yokohama City Hino Komorebi Charnel Chapel

Yokohama City Hino Komorebi Charnel Chapel

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