• Eradication of Harassment

Eradication of Harassment

Everyone who works in KOYO Automatic Machine thinks flexibly to realize customer's request, and recognizes the difference between working people with the flexible mind, strives to maintain appropriate communication and respects each other's personality and dignity. We express our determination to not tolerate any harassment acts that give discomfort and disadvantage to other person and hurt dignity of individuals, such as power harassment, sexual harassment, maternity harassment, paternity harassment, etc., and all workers declare that we will strive to create a workplace where we all can fully demonstrate our abilities.

  1. Our company regularly creates opportunities for harassment prevention education. Our employees take advantage of this opportunity to understand harassment and human rights, and strive to create a better workplace.
  2. Our company established a harassment consultation desk so that employees can fully demonstrate their abilities at work without trouble. Consultants have obligation of confidentiality, and privacy of their clients is protected.
  3. When a problem arises, both the company and the employees promptly and resolutely resolve it with courage and sincerity, and do not tolerate harassment unresolved.

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