• History of Product Development by KOYO

History of Product Development by KOYO

The history of KOYO is also the history of labeling machines

Chairman Kyoichi Yamashita
ChairmanKyoichi Yamashita

KOYO Automatic Machine was founded in a corner of a factory street in Ota Ward in Tokyo on January 5, 1968 by three men, including me. At that time, I was 33 years old and Japan was in the midst of the high economic growth period in which it became the second largest economy in the world for the first time in terms of GNP. I was working in an engineering department of an liquor manufacturer until the previous year, in which I was responsible for maintenance and operation of machines on its production lines.

I always had a strong passion to manufacture, but it was cultivated in that environment. It was this passion that drove me to create a new automatic machine. Then I left the company to develop a labeling machine by myself. I even asked my parents to take care of my wife and children in their home during the development. Labeling machine was my choice because labels were the faces of products and demands could be expected.

Back then, there were no labeling machines which can be operated with an easy and simple adjustment in Japan, and most of labels were still attached by hands. The machine, therefore, required a lot of trials and errors to be developed. The first machine was built under such a circumstance, after having developed a cam-link mechanism to take out labels from the hopper, which was the core technology of "Hopper Labeler".

Looking back on the 45 years that have passed since then, it seems to me that it took hard slog and perseverance to progress towards this point. I have been engaged not only in company management but also in other versatile works, such as development of various kinds of automated machines including labeling machines, making their components, assembly and sales of final products.

Therefore, many of my inventions were to have solved problems on site which needed to be materialized in short time, sometimes even over a night. I am profoundly grateful for having come so far with supports of so many persons who have helped me on the way.

I would like to take this opportunity to express my heartfelt gratitude to everyone involved.

The table below shows the overview of the essence of labeling machine technologies and patents by KOYO, with its history and experience.

My ardent passion to manufacture is as hot now as it has ever been, and in my aspiration to be in the front line as long as I live, it will remain so also now and in the future.

There are still many machines I want to develop, and I really appreciate your support.

History of Product Development by KOYO

1971 Feb. Exported the first machine to Taiwan
1975 Jul. Developed roll labeling machine
1979 Apr. Developed punching type roll labeler
1982 Mar. Developed high speed labeler of 600 pcs/min
Nov. Developed the first tack labeler
1984 Apr. Developed the first thermosensitive labeler
1986 May. Developed the first shrink labeler
Oct. Developed a high-speed logistic system "Aeolus"
Oct. Developed top surface sealer
Dec. Developed the first cartoning machine
1987 Jun. Developed a labeler using Solvelt solvent
Jul. Developed a roll/foliage dual-purpose labeler
Nov. Developed mechanical bike parking system "Aeolus A"
1989 Mar. Developed high speed labeler of 800 pcs/min
1991 May. Operation of the first heat sensitive roll labeler
1992 Sep. Developed unmanned multi-story parking lot with elevator slide system "Aeolus Z4"
Nov. Developed the first auto stocker
1993 Mar. Developed a high-speed heat sensitive labeler
May. Developed stretch labeler
Dec. Developed roll labeler with automatic label supply system
1995 Mar. Developed labeler for CR2 lithium cell
1996 Jan. Automatic charnel stage system "Seireido"
Apr. Developed stretch & shrink dual purpose labeler
1999 Mar. Developed syringe labeler
Mar. Developed high performance stretch labeler of 600 pcs/min
2002 Jun. Developed inline printing labeler
Jul. Developed straight type middle speed shrink labeler of 250 pcs/min
2005 May. Cumulative shipment of machines exceeded 3,000
2008 Aug. Evaluated as AAA in corporate and business evaluation by Yokohama city
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