Always explore and create new technologies
with customer feedback

In 1986, KOYO Automatic Machine was awarded the Science and Technology Director Award for its roll labelling machine series with innovative patented mechanisms such as automatic label supply and position correction systems.
This is proof of KOYO's ingenious and outstanding R&D capabilities and high quality that no other company can match.

Acquired more than 250 patents
in seven countries

KOYO Automatic Machine has delivered over 3,500 units to our customers, and we have listened and responded to the opinions and requests of each of our customers. We have developed and nurtured a number of labeling technologies through these processes, and they are now utilized as irreplaceable intangible assets for our various labeling machines, such as our over 250 original patents and our numerous labeling machine firsts in Japan. This has also helped us to cultivate a creative and flexible way of thinking not bound by existing ideas rooted in each employee, and a corporate culture that challenges anything without giving up. They are the symbols of KOYO and our history of working together with our customers.

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