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CEO Nobuyuki Yamashita
CEONobuyuki Yamashita

This company has reached its 50-year milestone since its establishment in 1968 with supports by many people, companies and the society. I hereby would like to express my heartfelt gratitude. We sincerely appreciate all the support. I believe we could contribute to make this society a better place by keeping on developing automatic machines such as labeling machines. "Labels" in our lives show important ingredients and its effects of foods, beverages, medicines, etc., along with their packages, and they are at the same time mediums and techniques to tell people how delicious or fun the products are. Even though our business is B to B, we always have kept B to C and "Customer First" in mind. There is no doubt our "customer" means the customers of B to B, but we always think about the people spending their daily lives beyond that, and we have been striving to find and to improve their challenges. The results of such effort as a pioneer manufacturer of labeling machines have been evaluated to a great extent, and it is an honor that we receive evaluation such as "ingenious ideas and techniques", "quick footwork" and "flexible and sincere customer service". Specifications, forms or technologies of labels change dramatically over the time, but fundamental importance of foods, beverages and medicines for lives does not. "Label" and "content" are in inseparable relationship of "essence with trend" as Matsuo Basho, a haiku poet in Edo Period expressed. So, an important role of labels are to show people the essence of contents in the right way, and I am convinced the role is more important than ever. We would like to remind this to ourselves and start again at this moment of 50th year after the foundation, so that we can explore the field of labels even further. Right now, technological innovation happens at the periphery of labeling machines. We will strive to go forwards and devote ourselves by incorporating those element of technologies constructively and subjectively into design and development, while looking to the future with customers and solving each and every problem on site.

At the end, I would like to share an episode of Dr. Shibasaburo Kitasato, a founder of Hokuriku University which I graduated. It is widely known that Yukichi Fukuzawa greatly supported him when he founded the Kitasato Laboratory (Tsukushigaoka Yojoen). They were close and exchanged letters. One day, a bottle of milk was delivered from Yojoen to Fukuzawa’s house, then he found that the bottle was slightly tainted. Fukuzawa wrote a letter of rebuke to Kitasato that said "How on earth can a filth like this is tolerated in a hospital, a place to save lives". Kitasato received the rebuke sincerely and kept the letter close to him as a lesson of his lifetime. Each label we deal is small, but just like "a bottle of milk", we believe it reflects our modest, sincere and serious mindset and consider it "serves for a person’s life". Fukuzawa also wrote in the same letter as follows: "Those who devote their life for greater purpose will face countless of difficulties throughout their lives. It is nothing uncommon that if we pay attention to the smallest details for everything, and we barely reach half of the goal". We bear this in mind in order to realize our great success.

* "One bottle of milk suggests state of the hospital, such as laziness of pharmacy, perfunctory kitchen or unkindness of doctors"

Source: Kitasato Laboratory Press Magazine No. 10

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