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Business Information

Based on our high technical capabilities, KOYO develops and manufactures peripheral equipment for packaging lines. This includes labelers with the world's highest level of performance, which has been KOYO’s business since its foundation.
By utilizing the conveyance technologies of these labelers, we developed automatic multi-story parking lot and bike parking system.
The latter especially has been contributed to society and utilized in Yokohama, Ofuna, Gifu, Kichijoji and Kamifukuoka to solve issues of bicycles left in front of the station or to contain bicycles of customers at large scale commercial facilities.
Then our technology to develop large conveying system is utilized for buffer devices to contain products temporarily in manufacturing lines of our customers. The technology for packaging line has been even more sophisticated by feedbacks from these large devices.
These core technologies enabled us to develop automatic charnel stage system, which has become one of our main businesses.

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